[BON-9053]Keystroke does not mute Chord Track

Hey hey,

Im wondering if this is a bug or not.

When Chord Track is selected pressing the “M” on my computer (QWERTY) keyboard doesn’t mute it.
Is there a reason for this? Is this just me or a minor bug?


Windows 7 64bit
Cubase 8.0.5

Have you checked the key commands to see if it is SUPPOSED to mute it?

Looks like a bug to me


I’ve checked the key commands list and manual but im having a hard time locating that specific mute button.
Are you able to mute it?

i just installed 8 yesterday and since then i modified 3 key commands, everything else in regards to key commands are default.

Yep. Bug, most likely. It also doesn’t work using a PLE preset.

Thank you for the confirmation :slight_smile:.