Bonus content HalioOne and HalionPlayer not accessible

I feel stupid and embarrassed but here goes:

I have downloaded and installed the VST Sound Collection vol.1

But even though the new folders show up in HalionOne’s location tree the new sounds/presets themselves are not displayed and thus cannot be accessed/loaded. How do I get these to work?

And now that I’m asking stuff anyway: when I bought HalionPlayer back then, the disk came with bonus content from Garritan, Vienna, Scarbee and Steinberg. However, this bonus content can not be accessed from HalionPlayer either (extension is .hsb) What gives?

Thanks in advance.

P.S.: am on OSX 10.6.5

…and yeah, I did trash the “Preferences”. :cry:

bump ^^^

Just a couple of quick thoughts… did you install it all to the default path? i used a custom path once and it didn’t want to know… secondly have you tried right clicking on the HO interface and used the ‘locate content’ command?

Hi Matt, thanks for your reply. Yes I let the auto-installer take care of everything so it should all be @ default.

At your suggestions I tried ‘locate content’, but all the vst presets in the new folders are greyed out.

Steinberg, if you’re listening, throw me a bone here.

Try scanning the folder with MediaBay. Just open MediaBay and find the folder and rescan it and it should work?

This is weird. MediaBay can locate the content and the presets do appear, but you can still not recall them in HalionOne.

However, if you double click on said preset (example: S90Es piano) a new MIDI track directly linked to that preset will be created. Go figure.

At least this is a work-around for the time being, but I would really rather see it function properly. So Steinberg, if you’re there, holla.