Bookmarks addition possible?

Is there a possibility to get bookmarks next to the Tabs, that cover all the flows inside a project? I am working on a song collection with 17 songs and have to look up things in other songs quiet often which means scrolling left to right through the whole collection to find the correct songs. This would go faster if I could select for example a bar and create a bookmark that with a single click would bring me to that point. I tried to use markers for this, but they only work within a single flow.

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I had a similar problem to jump fast to different flows. I added a shortcut Ctrl+Cmd+Left Arrow / Right Arrow to jump fast to the next or previous flow. Since the name of the flow is written in the window title, this speeded the things up for me.
I know, that this is not the same as a bookmark, but perhaps it helps you too?

But for this to work you need to be in Setup mode, right? I cannot get it to work as you describe. To which function do you add these shortcuts? Move Flow left/right?

I think Edit > Go To Next Flow is the command you’re looking for. It works in both Engrave and Write mode. You should also check out Go To Bar (cmd+G), where you can navigate to any flow directly from the drop down menu.

It would be still much easier if there could be bookmarks on top of the window that display names where they lead to.