Books on Dorico

For some reason (age?) I find it difficult to learn just from videos and wondered if anyone had come across any Dorico books worth reading, preferably print but PDF is OK. The Dorico manual is very good but not easy to flip through in PDF form.

Darren Jones’ Getting Started with Dorico 3.5 Paperback is the only paper book I can find. I liked his Cubase books but has anyone seen this one?

There aren’t many books about Dorico. Beyond Darren’s book, there’s a PDF of the Operation Manual available here. Dan Kreider wrote a beginner’s guide for Dorico 2, now somewhat out of date but still useful and linked to in the FAQ thread.

Thanks Daniel, Dan’s guide looks like a good place to start - plus the new features videos for 3.0 and 3.5. The popover pdf is very handy as well. Very impressed with 3.5 having just upgraded from Dorico 1.

Certainly Dorico 3.5 has come an astonishingly long way since Dorico 1! Welcome back to the fold.

Thanks Daniel, it’s good to be back.

I would also recommend reading through the features on Dorico on the website. Their reviews are detailed and really useful.

John Barron’s Getting Started with Note Input is a pretty good place to start as well.

Besides Dan Kreider’s book (which I find especially good for leading the user into “thinking Dorico’s way” rather than holding on to assumptions from other music software) I have also found Daniel Spreadbury’s tutorial “Typesetting Choral Preces and Responses in Dorico” exceedingly helpful, after a week or two of familiarizing oneself with the basics and gaining a little fluency. It really does walk the user step by step through creating a multi-page piece of the type described, including the layout issues. Even though I’m never going to need an evensong service, following all its steps gave me a big step forward in understanding.

Are there other similarly detailed tutorials available? (Darren Jones’s book has two, I know, though they’re on more of a beginner’s level than this.)

I usually prefer reading too, but Anthony Hugh’s video tutorials are pretty concise for a number of topics and a picture does help a lot.