boosted bass on ur22mkII?

Hi everyone i recently bought the steinberg ur22mkII to use it as DAC for my home monitor jbl lsr 305. as soon as I setup everything to go and listen to some sample files i noticed right of the bat that the sound doesnt sound neutral clean it is totaly bass heavy. even the mid and high sound deeper because of omnipresence bass. as for studio work even if its at home I need the setting as neutral and clean as possible. does anyone who have used other products before steinberg switched to steinberg have similar expirince?

using windows 10 64x
sampelrate 24bit 44,1Khz (used to have it at 48khz but the steinberg does not support it so i switched everything to 44,1k output to match)

does anyone have a solution? my temporary fix is that i use a digital EQ.

UR22mkII has not any extra bass boost here. I think you should check settings in the audio program you are using and verify that you are using correct Steinberg ASIO driver.

I have no problems using 48k sample rate with my UR22mkII. Another hint suggesting to check your application and what driver it is using.

Lol dont you use speaker pads? also there are switch on behind speakers lower bass …its not interface fault,its just you havent isolated speakers properly,i have both ur22mk2 and jbl lsr305 white limited edition,works great,

steinberg does support up to 192khz,you didnt set it up properly on settings,go search it on google how to do it or on facebook group,