Boot 1 > Cubase No Audio. Restart > Cubase has audio

This is a bizarre behavior that at one time happened occasionally, but now happens every time. When I boot the computer and then open a project in Cubase (I’m on 11), there will be no audio. When I press play, the Mix Console will show absolutely nothing happening, and the cursor in the project window will move in a kind of jerky manner. However, if I close the program and restart the computer, and open Cubase and a project, then everything functions normally. How crazy is this?


I’ll go with fairly crazy. What happens if you wait to open Cubase the first time for 10 minutes or so? Maybe something takes awhile to fully initialize. Also what kind of computer are you using?

If you are on Windows try launching Task Manager before Cubase and see if anything is consuming a lot of resources when you have the jerky cursor movement.

Just booted the computer, opened Cubase+project and got the now inevitable no audio thing, closed Cubase and waited 10 minutes, reopened Cubase+project and,same deal. Restarted the computer and…yes, Cubase has audio now. This is an older PC computer refitted with SSDs and Windows 10, but was pretty top-of-the-line at the time, and it runs Cubase 11 just fine with lots of tracks and loads of inserts and FX tracks. 16GB RAM.

Seems like maybe a driver is not getting loaded on the cold boot? But if you look at studio setup, everything appears normal.

Yeah, something like that seems plausible. When you restart are you power cycling the PC or just rebooting while the power remains on?

I typically shut the computer down at the end of a studio work session. So my “Boot 1” is a cold boot from a powered down state. This results in the no audio condition. Closing Cubase and reopening the program changes nothing here. My “restart fix” is (following the initial cold boot and the resultant “no audio” condition, and with Cubase closed, of course) simply going to the power menu and clicking on Restart. This powered up reboot magically fixes the problem. As I said, this used to be a very occasional problem that has become a 100% occurrence.

I’m wondering if I should do a complete uninstall and reinstall. Downsides to that? Another thing that occurs to me is that I have all the versions of Cubase going back to Cubase 5 still installed on this machine. Are people cleaning out the old versions as a matter of standard practice? I may open a really old project now and then, but always in the latest version. Of course that generally means dealing with blacklisted plugins…

All the different versions are entirely separate installations and shouldn’t impact each other.

What this implies to me is something (audio interface, or ???) is not initially fully powered up and so isn’t available to Windows, but then by the time you reboot it will have had power for quite awhile.

After your initial cold boot go to Device Manager and see if everything looks OK.

Also instead of doing your second boot as a warm reboot, try power cycling the PC instead. I bet that will not fix things.

And that’s why we keep the old versions - so we can open the old plugs and render to audio

same problem here,
but only from time to time!

cubase 12 pro
uad apollo twin usb
36 gb ram
win 10