BopMusic Fonts for Dorico available now!

BopMusic Fonts for DORICO™ are now SMuFL compliant and featuring more than 1300 music symbols. The fonts are now available for purchase:

I bought Bopmusic a number of years ago, is there any upgrade price for the new Smufl version?


The old scripts and chords fonts the old ones we designed in 2006 are very different than the new BopMusic fonts especially our new Alpha text fonts, even the smufl’d music font which features about 1300 newly designed glyphs are way different than 170 glyphs in the old BopMusic, BopMusicMM or BopMusicFIN.

We’re sorry there is no upgrade price for the moment.

Finally, we are glad to announce our new SMuFL’d fonts: “RealScore Fonts for Dorico” for both macOS and Windows users :slight_smile: now available for purchase.