Border Erasure Defaults?

Is there a way to define the default value for border erasure? I find the borders to be a bit overly spacious for my taste, and would like them to be tighter to the text. It’s just a bit tedious adjusting it each time.

I do imagine I could make a macro to alter the settings, which is probably the workaround I’ll do if I can’t update the default itself, but I’d much rather have it be how I’d like automatically!

Hi @Composerbell

Edit: (can you be more specific? Which border are you referring to?
You have Page margins, Music Frame margins, Text frame padding, staff-attached text border padding, erase background padding (for text, etc)…
Can you send eventually a picture of what you are looking for?)

Probably you are looking for this global engraving option, that you can set at 0, or whatever you desire:

Very good point! You’ve guessed correctly though, this is exactly what I needed to adjust. I’d found this earlier but ignored it because my brain didn’t quite understand what it meant (I’d interpreted the “padding” to mean space BEYOND the box, rather than defining where the box itself goes). So this is perfect! Thank you!

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You are very welcome!