Bordered text in layout for instrument display in parts

The parts of a score show the “layoutName”, but I fail to assign a bordered paragraph style to it. I did what is shown in the screenshot. What am I doing wrong / misunderstanding?

Things like back- and foreground color work, in the preview as well as in the score. Why isn’t border showing in the preview? Also, could it be that there is a property “border color” missing? (Maybe it is set to “opacity: 0”?)

In your page template for the parts, is the paragraph style for the layout name set to Layout name (framed)?

And make sure you do it in the page template, not on individual parts or you’ll create a page override and it won’t transfer to all the other parts…


Yes, it is set to that very paragraph style. And as you tell me: it is handled via the page template (“first page”), not via overrides (which I made sure are cleared out).

Assigned paragraph style:

Print result:

Bildschirmfoto 2022-07-27 um 10.47.56

Ok then, not sure… Someone cleverer than me will doubtless be along shortly and actually help!


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Thank you, @Toaster1974 :slight_smile:

The border options for paragraph styles only apply to text when used in text items (that is, staff- and system-attached text).

Text frames have their own border property; however, this does apply to the whole text frame and won’t dynamically change size if the text inside the frame expands/contracts (e.g. because it’s a token).

@Lillie_Harris Thank you! Any idea if there are plans to implement this feature? It is, after all, pretty common…

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