Borders for dynamics

I am working with someone who wants to have certain dynamic markings (the odd piano and pianissimo) enclosed by a circular border. Although I have managed to achieve this using text which I drag around the dynamic in engrave mode, the solution is clumsy, Does anyone know of a better way?

Another requirement is to have fermata in one part which do not coincide metrically with those in another (or perhaps do not even exist in the other). If I use the ordinary fermata, Dorico makes sure that they ‘agree’ in all parts (as indeed they should!). I get round the problem using text and a font with music symbols, but again it’s an awkward situation and I would love to find a better one (such as hiding the unwanted fermata, but I don’t seem tobe able to do that).

Thanks for any suggestions.

There’s no built-in way to show a dynamic in a circular enclosure. There’s likewise no way to have one of Dorico’s own fermatas appear in different rhythmic positions. You might find that creating a playing technique that looks like a fermata is the best approach to your second problem.

For fermatas, you have two options:

  1. Make a playing technique that looks like a fermata. You’ll need to add it to each stave separately.
  2. In Engrave mode, drag fermatas off the edge of the page. You’ll need to do this in the part layout(s) separately. This is a job that needs to be left until after you’ve fixed the formatting and layout.