Bose Tonematch problem with setup! need help!

Hi, new user here!
Can someone help me setup cubase using my Bose tonematch as an audio interface. I am used to getting good results using portastudio mixers recorders and am familiar with cubase mixing but never tried to set up for recording! which I have been stuck on for three days! getting errors, shutdowns and conflicting results, watched so many youtube tutorials and visited so many forums etc my head is spinning! weather its hardware or software issues between bose and cubase or what I fear the most, I have lost my mind and its probably/hopefully something simple that I just don’t get at the moment!
Anywho! I am not an expert and would appreciate some expert help!

Interesting product, never seen it before. You’ll need an ASIO driver for it. After a quick look on the Bose product page I can’t find one, but have a good look for it. If they indeed don’t offer an ASIO driver for it, get ASIO4all and use that. Stay away from the generic drivers Cubase offers, like the DirectX one.

I don’t think this is a computer/audio interface - i.e. I don’t think it offers any drivers for interfacing with recording software - it appears to be exclusively an audio output device.
Might be great for Live playing even music listening, but useless as an interface for home recording. :cry:

+1 That’s exactly what it for. And is it a unique concept.

Instrument makers from synths to acoustic guits etc can get their stuff sounding
exactly the way they want thru the ‘ToneMatch’ system. No guess work.

Just plug in, hit a preset and your ax now sounds just the way the the manufacturer meant
for it to sound coming thru the Bose system.

(I use Bose stuff live on weekends)