BOSS DR-880 drum machine XML file?

Happy New Year!

Does anyone use the BOSS DR-880 with Cubase? Roland still sells the beast, it is a nice thing for road, but I cannot find an easy way to get it to work properly with the DAW. Are we expected to write our own XML definitions? The file should be several pages long and the last thing I expect to get as an add-on is a programming course when I purchase expensive software and hardware from large profitable companies.

I have found an XML definition in a ROSEGARDEN format and the .ins file for SONAR, why not CUBASE?
Your help is greatly appreciated!



looks like your on your own , even midiquest doesn’t have a file to be able to make a text. file for which you could load into Cubase which then would give you your xml file .
Look around for a text format , that might be your only option

Thanks, G-string!

Very frustrating to see the multiplicity of standards and lack of compatibility in the industry - competition is a blessing and a curse of Capitalizm… I am actually amazed that the VST plugin standard took off.



You mean the program names?

If so, I seem to recall having a “script” a number of years back. I cannot promise anything, but I do believe my daughter created one when she was still living at home. :slight_smile: I will check when I get back in the studio.

I still have the drum machine, though it doesn’t get much use anymore. Drum devices attract kids for some reason, and I am pretty sure it was used more by them than me! :laughing:

To be honest I don’t think things like this are Steinberg fault at all ,there is a heck of a lot of gear out there to make script files for ,if anything it should be the manufacture of the hardware that should supply you with a basic form not Steinberg

I would have agreed, but Roland just gave me a run-around by telling me that it is a responsibility of software and not hardware vendors. Funny, Cakewalk is now owned bu Roland and they don’t even offer a DR-880 .ins file for Sonar!

I am not trying to say that it is Stainberg’s fault. I totally understand their position on this - they offer expandable VST-based drum machine solutions, why bother with someone else’s old hardware boxes? My drum machine will last another ten years, while one could sell upgrades for a plugin every year after minor investment in development.

My general frustration is that there is no industry or community effort that truly enforces standards of MIDI implementation across various platforms, while MIDI continues to remain a mainstream way to connect musical instruments. I am sure this situation just boosts general education of amateur musicians all over the World, but I still do not believe that nobody ever connected DR-880 to Cubase. I would like to see hundreds of people spending their time on making better music and feeling good rather than getting frustrated by learning how to write instrument definitions. I would have paid a reasonable amount of money for this file, since I do not seem to have an extra week to learn Steinberg XML format and write it myself. But if I ever do write it, I will happily share it with other users, just like I share my “music”. I hope I am not the only hopeless idealist out there.

Sorry for venting it on you and thanks again for stepping forward to help!

Have a marvelous 2014!

I think that it would be awesome if Steinberg kept a public site for files like this. (13.5 KB)

Cakewalk BTW is owned by Gibson, not Roland

shuralee, was that XML file what you were looking for?

Hello Elektrobolt do you still have the file somewhere and can I have it please?

Wow, 8 years later this thread is still alive! I cannot promise anything, but let me look in my backups in the next couple of days.

Cakewalk is now owned by BandLab, BTW. And it is absolutely FREE!!!

Hi Electrobolt! Thank you for checking back, I am very sorry for not looking at the forum again, but that was, indeed the file that worked well! I simply got so excited that it worked so well, that I completely forgot about the forum and rushed into production! I modified some programs in the drum machine and edited the file, it connected and all got recognized by the software! Many thanks for you help, I am grateful all these years!