boss gt-10

Hi All.
Does anyone know how I setup the Boss GT-10 so I can record my guitar in Cubase Artist.



Whats the problem?

I dont get any sound from my USB connection from the GT-10 i Cubase. I can use my CI2+ for the input but I should be able to register an input from my USB connection when I have an audio track.

I hope that explains my problem

I think it does?

You can only have one ASIO device active at a time.

Thanks I will give that a try. As soon as I find out where to change the ASIO driver. I am now using the Steinberg ASIO driver that came with my sound card.

Max :smiley:

Exactly, If you want to use the gt-10 as a usb audio device you will need to select it’s ASIO driver in Cubase, but remember if you do this then the gt-10 becomes your sound card so you will also have to monitor via it (gt-10)

Thanks I will give that a try.

Thanks That did the job

Jolly :stuck_out_tongue: