both headphones inputs stoped working

hi forum users

both of the 816x phones inputs stoped responding … tryied my headphones on other instruments and they work fine
re-unstalled driver , changed fw inputs , nothing !

any ideas?


In the Audio Hardware settings of Cubase you have got the Headphone 1/2 outputs assigned to the correct source to hear something?

ie you haven’t added outputs to your VST connections, and set the headphones to receive from outputs which aren’t being fed any audio?

Worth a look.



thanks lee :slight_smile:

yep , every thing seems to be in place … still does not work
even outside cubase , just trying to listen to music … the monitors are working but nothing on the headphones

everytime i think i get this 816x working , something else pops up . very frustrating :neutral_face:


I’d feed a signal into it and jsut control the unit with the MR Tools utility to see if a headphone output is possible ( rule out a cubase issue )

If not then it sounds like a call to you’re region’s Steinberg support line


Back to the store and test it against another unit


send it off for repair?

Good luck.

hi lee
thanks again!
i guess the 816 is some kind of a toy ! not worth the $$$
shame that no one from the company even bother to give some input on issues here .

well , first time coustemer and no second time for me or my friends .

Same problem here! Headphones stopped working (again) and just monitors outputs are still working. It’s the second time it happens to me. The first time only a full reinstall of the OS solved the problem, but this cannot be an option.

MR816 drivers on OSX are really poor: I get “Failed to initialize” very often at the start, MR816 does not remember sample rate settings, etc…Very very disappointed. I have had few audio interface in the past, from different manufactures: the MR816 is the one which gave me more problems, hands down.

EDIT: I am using the latest MR816 drivers and OSX 10.8.5…just in case…

I have a similar problem as OP where the headphones no longer work in Cubase.

That said, I am able to get them to work in the greater OSX environment. If I pull up the MREditor and click on the headphones enable button, I can get them to work for anything that uses CoreAudio.

It would seem that via the MREditor, the headphones seem to be assigned to random Output pairs, but if I select outputs 1-2, close the editor (as it doesn’t run with Cubase open) and then turn up the headphones output on the physical unit itself, nothing happens. (see attachment #1)

I’ve also noticed that the Audio Hardware Setup menu option from the Devices menus appears randomly, and when it does I cannot select anything. (see attachment #2) Even when I go to the Master levels tab, I can’t see anything to select either (see attachment #3) and from memory, there used to be some knobs there for the main output levels.

Of course I have sound from outputs 1-2 which have been assigned on the Control Room section in VST Connections.

But for the life of me, I can’t get anything out of the headphones.
Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 11.53.08 PM.png
Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 11.53.03 PM.png
Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 10.57.10 PM.png