Both MySteinberg and the Download Assistant showing the wrong owned products


this is more of a heads up, and actually something which I already brought up to support. MySteinberg doesn’t show the correct content of my USB and soft eLicensers. It shows licenses which aren’t present on the USB eLicenser anymore, because I moved them to other eLicensers which I sold. And, while these licenses are still shown in MySteinberg, they don’t show up in the buyers’ MySteinberg either, while they are definitely present on the USB eLicensers.

Further, MySteinberg also doesn’t show one license (for Waldorf Largo) which IS present on the USB eLicenser.

I also have an issue with Steinberg Download Assistant. It shows products I don’t own under the “My products” view, and it doesn’t show some products I DO own…

It’s a bit of a mess really. I contacted Steinberg support for the MySteinberg issue some time ago, and, they acknowledged that there is an issue with the MySteinberg database. They told me to just ignore the problem. I just hope that this database isn’t used to hand out the licenses for the new authorization, because, I guarantee a big mess if it does…

Would like to add some screenshots, but, seems like the forum won’t let me.

The new owner has to use the elc to register their dongle with its content.

That’s not a Steinberg product, so even if that company uses the ELC, it would not be in the Steinberg database.

No worries on that. It is not.

See the Forum Guide

Also as an fyi. see this: License management and the future of the eLicenser - changes ahead - Announcements - Steinberg Forums

Hi Steve,

I know that. He did. And, he also did the maintainance in the eLicenser software afterwards, just like I always do, so, the products should show up for the eLicensers in MySteinberg. The database is just broken, also confirmed by the support employee I corresponded with, when I bought up the topic some time ago.

Alright, thanks. That’s one oddity solved then. :slight_smile:

Good, although I wonder how they do it then. Hopefully it works fine.

And, here are the screenshots with the content of the USB eLicenser, and what MySteinberg shows for the same eLicenser:

I have the same issue. I have Absolute 4 on the elicenser but it only show Absolute 3 in ‘MyProducts’. These are the original purchased files, not ones that have been de-registered or transferred from a third party. The elicenser regularly has the maintenance update applied?

The authoritative list of your licenses is the Elicenser Control Center. Not the the Download assistant.


The Steinberg Download Assistant cannot show all products under “My products” as a) not all products are featured in the Steinberg Download Assistant to begin with and b) only Download Access Code based products that have been redeemed can be listed at the moment. Older products are simply not supported. We made a mistake to not document this properly and let customers know in advance.
There can be sync issues in the “My Products” list in MySteinberg and as Steve mentioned, the correct and reliable source for a license overview is the eLicenser Control Center.
@chakkman, the Cubase Artist license that is still listed is such an example. The license was moved to a different USB-eLicenser and still shows up under the old USB-eLicenser number.

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