Both views follow playback.


I am working with two tabs open, showing different places in the score.
When I am in the top tab and press P to play back a section, the second view jumps right to that section as well.

It would be good if the other tab stayed in place, how can I achieve that? Is there a setting?


There is no setting for this, I’m afraid: all views follow playback. We will consider whether we might be able to add options for this in future.

I have a work around that may help. Make two layouts for different flows. (For example, Full Score Layout containing only Flow 1 and Custom Score Layout containing only Flow 2) Then when you split screen, there is no movement. If course, this doesn’t work with two parts of the same flow unless you duplicate the material into the other flow/layout. But it is nice if, like me, you have other flows for your notes and working materials and like to split the screen between them. I hope that helps.