Bottom alignment of text frame cuts off descender

In this screenshot, the text frame is bottom-aligned, but the result is that the descender on the “g” is cut off in the score.

I’m not getting that result when I test it quickly. Could an alteration of line-spacing of your text font be compressing the spacing below each line which only causes difficulty on the bottom line?

Ah, perhaps. Yes, I’m using 80% leading.

Can you change the leading of just the last line within the text block?

Returning to this, as it bit me again. I’d rather not change the leading. Is there a possibility of forcing the descenders to remain within the text frame?

Is it possible to add another line consisting of spaces at quite a small point size? This would push the existing text upwards, though.
You would probably need to include the end-of-line character after “ground.” when you set the point size.

Possible but time-consuming. I ended up adjusting the top margin of all the frames and setting them to top-aligned.