Bottom of mixer disapearing.

Today I noticed for the first time that the bottom of my mixer disappeared… Closing the window and reopening brings it back but i noticed some old threads saying this happened in 7 , did we ever figure out the cause? cant seem to find an answer. I am currently on 8.0.35


I have never seen this since Cubase 8 anymore.

If you by that mean the track name/number parts, then I got this bug too. It happens when I create new tracks (from a premade preset) on a empty mixer, but the bug doesnt happen everytime, though. I didnt have this bug on cubase 7.

Certainly odd that its still around. I wonder if its related to a plugin or just an internal plug.

This happened to me yesterday. The bottom of the mixer was under the Windows 7 task bar. It turns out I had clicked the un-maximize button (upper right corner). When I clicked maximize, the mixer window was fully visible - its bottom abutted the task bar at the bottom of the full screen.

Is that what this is about, perhaps?

No the whole bottom of the mixer where the numbers and names are just completely disappears

annoying as it is, there’s a way to reset your mixer. Something like this happened to me a few times, under Cubase 7-ish I think, can’t remember if happened under Cub8. don’t have Cubase open at the moment.

I have the same problem as the OP is describing. Unfortunately I’m using 4 monitors with all 3 Cubase mix consoles, so I thought I was in a more unique situation, and I haven’t heard from any others who have this issue.

The solution is to close and re-open the mix console and everything shows up proper.