Bottom of the faders disappear.

I love the new mix console, but there’s one thing that doens’t work well for me: sometimes in de mixconsole, the bottom of the faders, aswel as the titles of the channels, disappear somewhere below my screen, and I can’t get it to appear again.

Here’s a print screen:

Maximizing or resizing the window doesn’t help either. I just updated to the latest 7.0.3 version.

Does anyone know a solution?

Yes, that’s it. There is no scroll bar on right, so we can not see the ch. names. So irritating. Any help from Steinberg yet?

Same here. Been this way since 7.0.


Yep, same here. Works if you use Mix Console 2, or sometimes that has the same problem and you have to use Mix Console 3. Really, really annoying. Needs to be addressed ASAP.

Yes I’ve had this one. Hoping we have a usable version soon.

Im having this issue with a current project… it seems to be project specific… only way i could workaround it was to use mixer3

Try this workround just switch on and off the channel pictures and the mixer should return to normal


Thanks, that works for me!

I still hope they’ll fix it, they probably will.