Bought a license for upgrade to Cubase 12

I bought a license to upgrade from Cubase AI to Pro 12. But I can’t find an upgradable license in my eLicenser, although Cubase AI is in my product list. Please help me out.

Which AI? Normally, you should update your AI to the current version.

It’s Cubase AI for UR22C. I see it’s activated but it says there’s no upgradeable license.

It comes with Steinberg DAW purchase. So I’m not sure if it’s that one I thought I got.
If I want to purchase the full version Cubase 12 Pro, can I get refunded of use it to the new purchase. It seems I purchased it to no benefit.

Cubase 12 does not use the eLicenser any more, you need to look into the Activation Manager

Where does it say it is not upgradable? There is an upgrade available in the shop if it is Cubase AI 12

What refund do you want? The upgrade has a lower price than a full version, so that is the way to go here.

Cubase AI 12 comes for free together with the audio interface.

I says activated in activation manager.
But it says no license found in e-lecenser control center.

If it is Cubase 12 there is nothing in the eLicenser, it is not using it.

Oh. I see. But when I insert the Download access code, it says varification pending. It gave me 30 days to sort out. I left only a week now.

What release was your Cubase AI, was that really release 12 or something earlier?

It seems you had something earlier than 12 and previous releases were using the eLicenser. This support document describes that process

In any case, it looks like you should talk to the Steinberg shop support. They are probably your best resource to solve this.

I think it was earlier than 12. It doesn’t mention the specific version (i.e. 4,5, etc…). It comes with the DAW, just Cubase AI for Steinbery UR22C. I’m stuck.

Then it might be possible you bought the wrong upgrade, see here

Again, get in touch with the Steinberg Shop support and tell them your problem

Yes, I bought that one.

Ok, can you show a screenshot of your Activation manager please? Make sure your mail address is blurred in the screenshot

Try to activate Cubase AI first. The license system at Steinberg doesn’t know about the previous AI license before it is activated and this is probably blocking the activation of the Pro upgrade

I just deactived it. Realised it and trying to reactive it. But still not working. The problem occured while it was activated.

Sorry, but then I don’t know what is happening here. So again, call Steinberg Shop support.


I got a swift response from Steinberg shop support. I bought the wrong version. So my purchase is canceled and I am redirected to the correct upgrade which I will purchase once the price is credited. I found out that I have purchased an upgrade from Cubase AI 11, but I own Cubase AI 12. Overall, I’m satisfied and have gained an experience. Thanks for your advice too.

I’m glad you found a solution.