Bought a Monogram CC but can't integrate it with Cubase 11 Pro

Hi. I bought a Monogram CC but couldn’t integrated with Cubase 11 Pro. This Monogram I need for Kontakt orchestral Instruments to control Expression, Modulation, Vibrato and so on… I set up all CC faders, knobs and buttons. For example: 1 st fader is CC3. 2 nd - CC 11 and 3 rd - CC1. When I open a Kontakt separately without Cubase, all Spitfire instruments works well with Monogram faders and knobs. But when I enter Cubase, Monogram doesn’t work with Kontakt. I understand that I didn’t something well in Cubase Studio Setup. Can you take a picture, or write what options need I chose in Generic Remote? I couldn’t choose a correct options in Control name, Device, Channel/Category, Value/Action and Flags. Thanks,


Make sure the MIDI Input (or All MIDI Inputs) is not in use for any Remote Device in the Studio Setup, please.

OK. Thanks