Bought a new computer, do you think it will make a big difference?

Old computer:
AMD FX 8350
1070 GTX 8GB
Windows 11

New Computer:
Dual Xeon e5-2690 v3 (24 cores total/48 threads)
same video card and HD
Windows 11 Pro

I use Cubase 12 pro. Before I could run the basic steinberg plugins mostly with no problem on like 6 tracks. If I use something like Dialogue Enhancer by Accentize or Ozone it pretty much killed my CPU and the popping started if not a full freeze. I am hoping with all these cores I’ll be able to do much more. I could also barely even use a Kontakt instrument like an orchestra so I am hoping that gets better too.

You think it will be better?

No idea as it’s hard to tell. My advice would have been to go to an audio pc maker. In the uk someone like SCAN as they test the PCs they put together for audio workstations.

I’m in the US (California). We dont have stuff like that. We only have hamburgers, gun stores, and crap music. Are you in the UK? If so, DUDE, I just discovered Bucks FIzz. I am obsessed.

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Why do you buy a Xeon system from 2014?
That’s not new.
It should be better than the FX8350.

Really? Silicon Valley?

Price. I’m broke, i work for the government. :slight_smile: I figured it would be a MASSIVE boost from what I had. I don’t need anything for games because I have Geforce Now. By the way, Geforce Now is AWESOME. I’m playing like every game on max settings at 4k with no lag and a perfectly smooth 60 to 120fps every time. Best 20 bucks a month I’ll ver spend. Even works on ancient computers.

But you have sunshine though, yes?


[clears throat]

Well… that’s a bit harsh though, no?

Just to make sure I’m understanding now; California has crap music, you just discovered Bucks Fizz who you’re now obsessed with?

…and everything in between…

You don’t like Bucks Fizz? :grin:

I wouldn’t listen to them, but I don’t dislike them. It’s just that in comparison to RATM and TOP… well…

I agree with you about TOP. I saw them once when I was 13 in 1993 in Oakland,CA. I was into drums back then and thought russ McKinnon was the best. I really liked the singer from the monster on a leash and TOP album.

I think I prefer the 70’s albums generally.

I’m still making my mind up! :laughing:

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I’ll just leave these two links here without further comment:

So it sounds like the more cores you can have the better. Especially considering that now Cubase 12 is able to use up to 128

Yes. more cores better.

Just been through a PC update … see the thread here:

I’ve been working in this damned computer business for 25 years
Cubase 12 Pro doesn’t use multiple cores as efficient as you could hope. It is mainly one core which will take the majority of the load.
You actually do well with 32GB if you don’t use instruments with large samples, but another 32GB will not hurt. 128GB, you will probably never use all that memory if you’re not doing audio for movies and using about 200 tracks or more with samples.
You are using Windows, like me, and that is the biggest mistake! Windows is a crap OS for this kind of use. I don’t understand why the entire industry doesn’t move over to Linux. The second best OS is IOS and it has Linux as the OS core, but then they have a lot of crap in the background as well, like Windows, but IOS is better when it comes to use its resources.
I know that a lot of people will say, “Linux, no way!”, but a lot has happen on the Linux front since the 90th, but you still have full control over the OS so that you can mainly use all your hardware recourses for the DAW and the plugins, which is something you will have tremendous of trouble to do in Windows.
Another thing you need to consider is to update your plugins. E.g. iZotope has updated their plugins so that they don’t drain your system recourses as their older versions.
So, if you’re going to have a resource efficient system then you use Linux as your OS and Reaper as your DAW, if you are not like me who been using Cubase since 1990. Steinberg once had a Linux version of Cubase, but the world was not there by that time, but today it would be great to have!!!
I think we should have a joined force for moving over to Linux, because Windows sucks, and Apple is terrible expensive with lacking hardware quality, but with Linux you can get cheap hardware which you can then tweak to maximize its performance for your DAW in Linux.