Bought a new pc, and struggling to install and licence UR22C software

I would be very grateful for some help! I’ve had a UR22C for three years. I’ve just bought a new Win11 computer and I’m in the process of moving into it, but am having great difficulties once again.

I’ve struggled with the Steinberg licensing and activation in the past. This time the UR22C worked almost from the moment I plugged it in and I seem to have successfully licensed Basic FX Suite, but things are still not going entirely well as I’m so far unable to find any vsts other than Cockos ones.

I use Reaper. I never did manage to find and install the promised vsts on my previous PC, but it would be great to fix that now as I’m sure they’re really good.

My installed copy of the Steinberg Download Assistant is just hourglassing - it doesn’t look like it’s ever going to work. The e-Licenser seems to show just one licence for the Basic FX Suite.

I’ve tried to de-register my old PC without success: I found what I think was a for for doing this, but it showed no computer details at all, neither for my new PC, nor my old one.

If anyone can tell me what to do, I would be most grateful. I continue to struggle with the Steinberg’s approach to licensing and installation, but the products I’ve used - the USB interface and Dorico have been great once I’ve got them working.

If you are able to help, thanks very much!


PS - I’ve edited my original post because I have managed to get dspMixFx working. My issue with it turned out to be that it shows up in Win11 in a different way!