Bought a new PC without DVD player - How do I install?


The subject is self-explanatory. I need to reinstall Cubase 4 on my new pc. I didn’t bother to buy a DVD/bluray player since I hardly ever used them. However. Cubase 4 came on a shiny disc. How do I solve this problem without having to buy hardware?


Or get someone with a DVD computer to create an ISO file of the DVD on a USB Drive.

I did something similar. On another computerm, I copied the files to the 32GB SD card that I had for the Zoom 8ch interface, attached the card reader to the computer without DVD, and installed.

Alternately, take the HDD out of the computer, attach it to a computer with a DVD player, copy the file to the HDD, reinstall the HDD back in the original computer.

Or, network the computer to another with the DVD…

more than one way to skin a cat!