Bought a used cc121.....

I just bought a used cc121 from an ebayer only to find out its not supported by Cubase 4LE which im running.
I see Cubase 4Ai is identical to 4LE only with added support for that type of controller…
What do i have to do to get this thing functioning the way it was intended? Do i have to buy a newer version of Cubase?

It’s supposed to come with AI 4, so you could try contacting teh seller if he stil has that license somewhere.
LE/AI versions of Cubase are not for sale unfortunately, they come ‘free’ with steinberg hardware you buy. Any paid version available also supports the CC121 though, so if you’re looking to upgrade the cheapest version will do.

I think you need to register your CC121 on the SB website, ask support if they can send you the DVD/CD.
When installing you will also install a soft e-licenser where the license can be stored and managed.