Bought C7 UPGRADE > Clean install or C6 media needed?

I have reinstalled my whole PC so I don’t have C6 installed anymore. And I purchased the UPGRADE from C6.5 to C7 so does it mean that I need to install C6/6.5 first or can I just do a clean install of C7?

When doing a clean install of C7, my Groove Agent One doesn’t seem to work, and frankly I expect some further problems emerging later. GA1 doesn’t seem to be able to locate the samples even if I installed them with the default settings, so that’s why I’m thinking whether or not I need C6 installed first.

Well even C6 was an UPGRADE purchase from C5 so do I need even C5???

Hey folks, PLEASE, could you answer my simple question??? I might sound stupid but I really don’t know this since for example my Groove Agent One doesn’t work after I fresh-installed C7.

C7 uses content from an existing C6.5 installation.

If you wait until the first update you can start fresh with C7.

Also, there is a core installer for C7 on the Steinberg website that may help.

I have purchased the boxed Cubase 7 update version, and noticed you do not have to install Cubase 6/6.5 beforehand.

I did two installs. One on a system with Cubase 6.5 already installed, and one on a clean system (Windows 8) with no version of Cubase installed. Both installs needed the core download, and both installs went without a hick up.

Both installations have all plugins (FX/Synths) installed without missing content, and both installations work without a problem.

I cannot say for sure you wont see any problem (there can always be a problem with some non-Steinberg plugins/drivers), but at least I can say Everything went smooth for me.

OK, thank you for the reply! This boxed kit might have that “core installer” mentioned in above reply. I try to search for that core installer and start fresh.

Thanks buddy! Stupid questions continued:: could you please send a direct link to the core installer since because of my ADHD it’s really hard for me to manage some simple things like navigating websites :frowning:

Thank you.

The core installer is for installs from the full version DVD. You need to install 6.5 before C7 (At least C6 additional content)

The core installer is available here:

!!! Thank you! This is EXACTLY the info I’ve been searching for… phew…

Oh no, one more this… I did get the last boxed version of Cubase 6 (not 6.5) so does this mean that I will have to install C6 first (full install), then upgrade to C6.5 (+ additional content) and THEN upgrade to C7?

Please help… Thank you.

Cubase 6 itself is not needed. Just make sure to have all the content installed but a full install of the old Cubase 6 is not necessary.