Bought Cubase 11 Pro, am I allowed to use a previous version?

For the sake of compatibility (exchanging projects with friends which are still on 10.5) am I allowed to install/use a previous version of Cubase with my 11 Pro license?

Thanks for your help/clarification :wink:

Yes you can use all previous versions. :+1:

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Yes, that is one of the nice things about Cubase. I buy every point release whether I use it or not. As for exchanging project, you will only run into issues when you have different set of plug-ins installed. Also sometimes the routing. Look into doing Export/AAF or OMF. I think they are only in the Pro version of Cubase. I do AAF exchange between Pro Tools and Cubase and it works great.


Thanks guys. Good to know (and off to downloading 10.5). :slight_smile:

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Gary, I never delved into AAF/OMF until now, but I will have a closer look at it.

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