bought cubase 7.5 but it still says TRIAL!

i run a mac.
So after a few years with cubase 5 i decided to download cubase 7.5 trial…used it for 10 days and decided to buy it…bought it and deleted the cubase 7.5 trial from my application (it was only 700mb thats weird), and installed the purchased cubase 7.5.
After installation when i opened cubase it still said I’m on trial.

2)How do completely remove the cubase 7.5 trial and install the purchased cubase 7.5?

Thank you!

Your trial license is still valid and that is why.
but if the new license is in place (usb licenser),then you dont have to worry.
Once the trial period ends, it will dissapear and the full license takes over.
They have the same functionality so there is no need to do anything.

kind regards,

Thanks a lot , btw weren’t I suppose to get an activation code or anything ?


I checked with the webshop the e-mail tied to your Forum’s account. Looks like you activated the license this morning.
I guess it’s all good now?