Bought Cubase 8 but stuck with HAlion5

I bought Cubase 8 a few days ago but all composing is blocked caused by HAlion5 its to small GUI
When will this solved for me ?

Can you deliberate a bit more…then maybe someone can help

Difficult to comment with out knowing your system specs. Halion 5 GUI is highly configurable, you can show/hide/detach as many areas as you want so if your using a laptop you need to be a little creative to set up the GUI on H5 with a happy medium that works for you and save that as you H5 default instrument.

Some more information about my computersystem…
Never had a problem with the stand alone version of HAlion5…i am using windows professional 7 64 bit
When HALion5 vst opens in Cubase…it is too small and it is not possible to enlarge the borders from it
Set up the GUI of HALion5 in Cubase 8 ?

Stupid software…nothing i can do now
Then i decide to read about the plug-in organisation in Cubase 8 … it seems totally new this information and it seems that there not possible to use a vst in a self choosen folder anymore ? i must drag a vst into a predefined folder in Cubase ( what a terrible documentation this here …it says nothing about the old system used for vst and noticed this for the reader)

No idea how to solve this… other DAW gives no problem with HAlion5…so it has something to do with Cubase 8 pro
But how far i can go under the hood of Cubase 8 pro ?..

Perhaps you can post a screen-shot of what you are seeing. It opens and behaves normally on my system running it from C8 Pro. I can also drag its window edge and resize it to cover two 27" monitors. I suspect the issue is spacific to your system configuration.

The install would place the H5 dll in the correct place along with other vsti instruments, that doesn’t mean the same folder as all the other content. Both dll and standalone icons can be seen just short cuts to the app itself, you shouldn’t have to move anything.

The GUI for H5 and its component parts are fully scaleable and can dragged and resized to any size and place on you main display or secondary. If it’s not able to do that maybe you should uninstall it properly and then reinstall it and not move anything to different folders, as mentioned a screen shot would be helpful along with more specific details of your hardware.

I thought that is was correct working HAlion5 on the first day i start with Cubase 8 Pro
I tested Halion Sonic 2 and this gives the right screen dimension.
I use more then one logical stations on the computer( windows 7 ultimate bit )
A ssd C-drive and a hybrid harddisk and a harddisk more

It could be the case that there is double HALion5 installation somewhere .?. i checked already , but found nothing
halion5_te klein.jpg

Are you saying it doesn’t expand if you drag the bottom corner?

I removed all HALion5 sofware, and did a reinstall, but with the Halion5 update i don’t know its location
I must again uninstall it and notice the installatin of the satndalone version of Halion5
It still gives the same small screen … i know it is a vst wrapper …is this controlable in a xml file ?
Because by accident i opens this for Cubase
This you don’t want … such a waste of time

Yes, nothing happens the border seems to be fixed…no handles to pull on

I did a reinstall, i tested HAlion 5 in two other DAWS and it is working there normal, but not in Cubase 8 pro
Where are the border size configuration stored of Vst in Cubase 8 pro ?

that’s weird. No such problem here:

Yes, that’s the picture when all works fine.
What makes that it is not working anymore…take days…to find out

  • i removed all HAlion5 files on the computer and reinstall HAlion5
  • i reinstalled Cubase 8

Then there must be something wrong here ?
Can there be a xml file been chanced, because by accident i open this xml file and something happens…not knowing what?
I reinstall cubase 7.5 looks how it is going there with HAlion5

I installed cubase 7.5 and the same problem with HALion 5 occur and not with others
Is there a configuration file on my computer to find for the size of the Vst screen ?

What you are seeing certainly isn’t normal (but you already know that) and isn’t something other folks seem to have seen. So it is specific to your DAW. Probably best to submit a support ticket using My Steinberg to get more technical assistance than the folks in the forum can provide.

That must be then the next step for me to ask more technical assistence from Steinberg itself.