Bought Cubase Pro 11 Upgrade but Cubase Pro 9 E-Licenser isn't recognized?

Hello everyone,

For the past 5 years I’ve been using Cubase Pro 9 Edu Software and just recently bought the Cubase 11 Pro Upgrade. Although the E-licenser dongle is connected, the Steinberg Download Manager and E-Licenser says that there is no older license to upgrade even though the dongle is seen to be connected.
My Cubase 9 might not be the latest updated version might that be the issue or is there something else that I should do? I am certain that I’ve purchased the correct product.

Sounds like an update purchase version mismatch-- so double-check that you actually bought the correct one for the version on your USB key.

Just like you’ve said I’ve re-checked whether I’ve bought the wrong version, however it says that my version is Cubase Pro 9 Edu and the only thing compatible with that was the one that I’ve bought which is the Cubase Pro 11 Upgrade not the Artist or LE upgrade.

However there were two links one said ‘Cubase Pro 11 UD2’ and the other said ‘Cubase Pro 11’ only. I’ve downloaded the one with UD2 could that be the problem? I can just download the other, uninstalling the one with UD2.

Probably a good idea to run maintenance in the elc and to make sure you’re running the latest elc version.

Don’t use the Download Manager, just use the the elc to apply the license update.

fyi, It’s a question of licenses, doesn’t matter what Cubase programs are installed or not.

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I was trying to upgrade my Cubase Pro 9 Edu to Pro 11 and in order to do so my e-licenser should recognize first the Cubase Pro 9. However when I plug my e-licenser it only shows Cubase Pro 11 although it was licensed to Pro 9 and therefore I cannot upgrade my product. Also the soft licenser is missing in my main computer can I get a new activation code since e-licenser won’t allow me to re-use it?

It also says that there is no valid program found but I’ve been using it for 4 years without a problem?

You bought an update to Pro 9, so it was updated to pro 11. End of story.

You can use all previous versions.
The soft elicenser is not involved or needed for this.

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Okay then, thanks for all the info!
Also another quick question, there is a button that says ‘Register’ on the toolbar. I’ve registered my products but it is still there, that doesn’t mean that i am on trial mode right? Because when I click on the register button it says registered successfully.

No it doesn’t.

Only one thing determines what the license is. That which is displayed in the Elicenser Control Center.

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