Bought cubase update

I have issue, sorry about my english is not good . I have bought cubase 8.5 back in 2017. Now i did get update to 11. I did the payment, but my email information. But i have not got link for download. Also steinberg dont remember my account, so i dont have one . Where i can contact the staff so they can check my order?

Didn’t you get a mail called “Steinberg Online Shop - Order Confirmation #…”?

No, maybe i did put wrong email adress or something, i dunno. I payd for the update, no confirmation

Here is a link to the store support website. Support : Steinberg - Online Shop Support by asknet

Why cant i get proper email aadress wheere i can send the email and ask help, i problably did not put my email aadress there correctly, and my enlgish is not very good.

I believe you can send them a message from the link I posted above.


I did send the message, shh they are really slow :open_mouth: What is that, is that steinberg customer service lol?

This is a 3rd party company that manages the Steinberg store.