Bought Dorico 3.5 pro, still waiting for response

Monday, december 7, I bought Dorico 3.5 pro (for Mac) with the Cyberdeal offer (50% discount).
I completed the orderform and payed with my Visa creditcard.
There was a pop-up, telling me that my payment had to be checked manually by Steinberg, this could take up to 3 days. Still no response from Steinberg, what could have gone wrong?
I’m a loyal Cubase user since version 1.5 on Atari and really liked Dorico during the trial period.

Welcome to the forum, @arjenhd. Sorry to hear you’ve not yet had a response. Have you contacted the AskNet support team who run the Steinberg online shop on our behalf? Please go here and contact the online shop support team. If you get no joy, please come back here and let me know.