Bought my cubase six months ago- still don’t work can you help or I will want a refund

I brought my cubasesix months ago it still don’t work properly can you help or I will want a refund

I’ve downloaded all I can and it says there’s things missing in my computer for it to work properly I brought then download it then deleted some old files of mine now it doesn’t work at all it says the liscernce expired and I can’t use the same access code twice I paid 490£ For my version from gear4 music

You’ll have to be much more specific. Nobody would be able to help you with only this information.

What’s your Cubase version? What’s your operating system?

What files are missing?

Can you take screenshots of the errors you’re getting (press Print Screen) and post it here? Can you take a screenshot of your Steinberg Activation Manager?

how do i get a new activation cde for a exssisting cubas e 12 pro

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Run the Steinberg Activation Manager and sign-in to your MySteinberg account.

You still haven’t replied to my questions. Can you at least link to what version you bought from gear4 music? If you bought it online, check your email for receipts.

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Yeah I can still open it but when I do it says control room not connected or it records and can’t go back to save files or just lots off different things it does the driver changes I have to do arch for my day driver reconnect it’s so horrible I spent a lot of money for this and when I load it up it says the activation code is missing how is that possible once you typed it in that’s it I threw it after I spoke to gear for music they sent you guys thi

@kevin_nelson you are posting to a public forum, even though you used email. I’ll hide your sales invoice since it contains your home address and possibly other sensitive info.

I’m not sure who am talking to I thought it’s Cubase people so I sent proof to say I paid for my Cubase and it don’t work properly I need a new one sent out so can you help or point me in the right direction

You are participating in a public internet user forum.

Steinberg tech support can be reached via

The questions you are asking are the basic question a person would have when they start using a DAW, and don’t indicate anything wrong with the program.

I would suggest you visit the Steinberg Cubase Youtube channel and watch some getting started tutorials, or, if you can, formulate a specific question so someone can give you a hand here.

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Thank you