Bought online Wavelab Element 7 and lost the Mac version

Some monthes ago I Bought on Steinberg online shop the Wavelab Element 7 And installed the Windows 7 version and I didn’t pay attention to the Mac version and some how I don’t find it and maybe I even erased it because I thought I’ll never use Mac. But, as they say, "never say never"and now I moved to Mac and I don’t have the Mac version, which I think was included in my order.
Now I don’t know how to get it again without paying again…there is not a mail support for my country and steinberg direct me to my local distributor, which thinks that it is not his duty to support a product which he didn’t sell me…
So what can I do and how can I contact directly with Steinberg?

Good afternoon
I’ve had a similar problem. I want to reinstall the operating system of my computer, but ordering all its contents before doing so, I realized that not find my downloaded version of Wavelab Elements 7. I have twice sent a support request form and they have not replied to me for more than two months.
I look forward to a response.
A greeting.

Hello, all you have to do is download the version on the website, for Mac (or PC) It is a FULL installer.
Then, go to your MySteinberg account, go to Activation-Reactivation, choose elements7, then all you have to do is use your OLD activation code (given at purchase), and the NEW number of the eLicenser installed with Elements (just go and read it). Now insert the new activation code (sent as well to your email address) in the elicenser and go with the dialog box to download the new license. It takes just a few clicks.

hope this helps.

Thanks Markino, I didn’t know that it is a full version… I thought it is an update only.
I had just to install it and it worked Immediately! I suppose that is because the code was already
written on the usb key.

Markino, thank you very much for your response.
And thanks also to you Virtz for the post.