Bought Pro 10.5, serious LOG IN issues, 2 password attempts

Hello, hopefully you are all fine and healthy.

Please, if i can get a response from someone from the service. I just recently bought Pro 10.5 version. Upon trying to login to my account, i typed my password although the system said that it was incroect. So i tried another time and again the same thing, which left me with 1 more try to log in, as it stated a warning about that. Then i went to reset it, which automaticly logged me into the Steinberg ID. Now, for some reason after a few hours, when i went again to the Steinberg i wasn’t logged in, so it now asks for a password. So please, i do not know whether the password trying counts have been reseted for me to go and log in again and only to find that my password attempts are worn out if it occours again. I kindly ask for some support on this matter, i just bought the software.



The problem has been solved, with the help of fast technical support.