Bought the wrong upgrade

I have upgraded my Cubase Pro 8.5 license to Cubase Pro 12 but somehow I have made a terrible error and ordered an upgrade from Artist and not pro, now I can’t select my 8.5 pro license as the one to upgrade in the e- license manager… please help! I was on tour for a month and a bit and never properly looked at what I had done, now I am trying to upgrade for a project and find myself in the “doo doo”.

Please contact Steinberg Shop Support:

please share a link with me.
thank you

I posted the link above.

Ahh silly me. Thank you so very much for your fast response.

the link was no solution, how do I contact somebody at Steinberg?

For all kinds of purchases the link from @Romantique_Tp is the correct one, the shop is managed by Asknet.

What problem do you have with the shop support?

The shop support replied telling me they can’t help.

What I need to do is pay the difference or change my upgrade package as I bought the wrong one (I have paid for the upgrade from artist instead of from pro).

Who can I speak to?

This is a user forum, so we can’t help in this case. Eventually there is someone from Steinberg online and can responed, or you call support. Depending on your location you can find the phone numbers on the website and in the screenshot here

That’s surprising. One of the most common solutions they provide is help when someone buys the wrong update/upgrade product.

So, Are you sure hey understood your question, and/or that you explained precisely?

here in South Africa things seem to work differently. Their email was very unhelpful.

Thank you so much for your help. It’s been a tricky situation.

I was told because I purchased online and not through the local store that they can not help me.