Bought wrong update product, what do I do?

ok I think I made an error here, I have Cubase AI and I was wanting cubase 12 pro so i purchased the upgrade but it says its an upgrade from cubase 11 to cubase 12 pro.,

now its pending verification and my ellc doesnt recognize the license., I have cubase 12 but not 12 pro which is what I wanted to upgrade to,.,. now I dont know what to do,??/ if anyone has any answers I would greatly appreciate it. thank you

Write to the shop you bought it from and explain, so you can get a refund and then buy the right product.

well I ordered it online at SteinbergDOTnet.,.,., so are you saying to contact them via support email?

Then just visit the Steinberg support page, and observe the options.

Ya ive been looking into it and researching but cant really find anything useful… but I did send in a ticket like you said explaining my situation and now am waiting for a reply ,. hopefully there is a resolution to this otherwise $170 cdn down the tubes??
thank you for responding!

what I dont understand is if I have cubase AI which has cubase 12 in it and I ordered the upgrade to cubase 12 pro, why isn’t it working? I followed the instructions on setting it up through the elicenser and the steinb erg download assistant and manager etc etc. the elcc does not see the license and says there is no upgrade available… :frowning:

It’s because there are many different upgrades available, as you probably observed as you navigated through the purchasing pages.

Of course not.

If you sent a message to the shop, and (not to Steinberg Technical Support) you will get a response. Many have posted in the forum that they had done this successfully

You bought the product called: Cubase Pro 12 Update from Cubase Pro 11, but of course, you needed Cubase Pro 12 Upgrade from Cubase Elements 12 or Cubase AI / LE 12.

If I recall correctly, the upgrade from a lower variant to Pro, is a bit more expensive. I believe I paid 300-something € when I upgraded from Artist 10 to Cubase 10 Pro.
In my opinion, the upgrade to Pro is well worth it. And once you have Pro, it is usually a 99€ upgrade each year to keep up-to-date with the latest Pro version (or you could stay at the 12 Pro if you don’t want to upgrade then).

I trust that if you contact the Steinberg shop, they will help you with a refund or switching to the right upgrade option.

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well unless im wrong but I only observed the one upgrade and I thought it said its an upgrade from all the versions AI, LE , artist etc etc.

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I sent a message to the steinberg support and Im waiting on a reply…

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You can always have another look to see if you were mistaken.

  • Difficult to post a direct link because it is a pop-up. But when you go to the main link below…

  • Click on the “Get It” button. In the pop-up, choose “Buy Cubase Pro 12”.

  • Near the top, you can choose between “Full versions” , “Updates & Upgrades”, or “Education”. Choose “Updates & Upgrades”

  • Scroll down to choose between various upgrade options, from either older cubase versions, or from lower level licenses. Each different type of upgrade will show a different price.

  • If your Cubase AI is version 12, then the 3rd option from the bottom is what you need. It’s unfortunately the expensive one, at 479€. It’s a bit of an investment, but you will have all the Pro features then. And (if the price stays the same) you will be able to get the next Pro versions at 99€/year.

OMG YES i SEE WHAT i DID WRONG, I didnt choose the proper version that I have… thank you guys so much for clarifing this for me., damn my version is $723 cdn ouch I think I may juyst stick with cubase 12 for now and get my refund back., too expensive for me right now with christmas here and all :frowning:

greaT LINK! thank you., I will have to wait until monday to call …in the meantime I still have the email ticket I sent out to asknet,.,.,.
will see…thank you!

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Julian, did the Seinberg support helped you and you got your money back?

Steinberg support probably won’t be able to help with purchases made through a third party. Asknet is no longer the Steinberg shop service provider. It is now FastSpring.

Do you have an actual problem, or are you just curious about the status of this one year old topic?

I would suggest to create a new topic if you have an actual issue.