Bounce a mono effect on a stereo (or multi channel)

Is there any quick way of applying a external mono (a guitar pedal) on both left and right channel?

I don’t see any other way then sending the left and right channel separately through the external pedal in two passes. Unless you buy another pedal.

Yes of course. But that might be able to automated with macros in different ways.

I’ve given it some thought, but I am pretty sure the macro system is way too limited for that, even if combined with a PLE. You might be able to automate some parts of it, but that would probably still be several steps and macros/PLEs.
Buying a second pedal and using that with a stereo external effect would probably a lot easier, albeit more cost intensive :grin:

And problematic too. The quality of the pedal need to be much better if it should have more or less exact the same response so it wont break stereo image. And I have more than one pedal… But I don’t do Dolby Atmos so I don’t need 22 of each!

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Well wouldn’t you need to a ‘re amp’ box too between the line level output of your interface and the pedal to account for the differences between the line level signal and the signal from a guitar? Is getting a cheap pedal with stereo outs an option? delays/flanger/chorus etc then even if the stereo pedal is bypassed you have two outputs to connect to your interface to start with? Sorry if I misunderstand what you are trying to achieve here. :slight_smile:
Edit: ignore this, Had just woken up, brain not engaged properly yet, Now I’m thinking what I suggested would be no different to just duplicating the channel in cubase, sorry! I think the bit about the reamp box still stands though.

Of course you need a proper interface for what ever you connect, but it has nothing to with howto do it in cubase. But re-amping a complete rig with a stereo track would be the same from cubase. But it will be different if you have a stereo track and then miking each mono channel to a multi channel (multi microphones)