Bounce all Loop Markers as stems?

Hey all,

Is there a “bounce all loop markers” function?

I was wondering if it were possible to bounce the contents of all my loop markers within a project at once.

I have a fairly large video project and have created time based loop markers for all the cues.

I’m mixed and ready to bounce. I have set up 8 group tracks that I will bounce as the stems. However, I’d like to streamline the process. Is there a way to automate the process of bouncing so that I don’t have to select each loop marker individually and then bounce its contents?


The export range is determined by the locators, not markers, so not possible.

I was hoping you wouldn’t say that. Maybe there is a macro floating about that does it. Similar to Peak’s or the Audio Editors “Export Regions” function. Feature request!

Get M.E.A.P.

It can save you a boat load of time once you learn how to use it. It does have a shortcoming which is not being able to name the file the name of the cycle marker. This function however is in Nuendo.

correct. And I love Nuendo with this feature a lot.
But I hope Cubase gets it also very soon…

my another suggestion: “Bounce to Arranger Parts” (!)

on a mac :frowning: