Bounce All Tracks Macro?

Hey all, I have to think that I’m a couple years late to the party on this one. I recently tracked a recording in Nuendo, and am going to do some pre-mixing/editing before sending it off to a mixer. However, I’m 95% sure he’ll be using PT, and that he’ll want session files.

As such, I want to know if there is an easy way to set the locators, and then bounce all the files with their respective names, levels, effects, etc into new wavs that I can import into a PT session. And I can walk away from my computer as everything bounces.

Please understand, I’m not asking about exporting an open project format. I want the wavs, and I will go into PT and customize the sessions myself.



Check out Meap at It will do it for you automatically (with a little bit of setup before hand). I just used it with the latest version of Nuendo (6.5) with great success. Otherwise, you can route all of your FX to the same bus as your respective instruments and use the batch export.

Don’t forget - Windows only for MEAP; no MAC OS… yet…?!

And, still an issue when dealing with Mono/Stereo files of course - not MEAP’s fault, just how Cubendo’s export functionality currently works (i.e. it cannot distinguish between mono/stereo itself, you have to physically tell it first - so you need to plan two separate ‘passes’; one dealing with all mono, the other your stereo needs).

Just had a thought - can you for example do all mono AND choose a ‘split stereo’ files output, in one go, from Cubendo batch export…? I haven’t checked that myself…

Good luck

Thanks all! I’ll just say it: I didn’t even realize in the export window that there was an option to select specific tracks to export in batches. Between that and the links you sent, I think I’m covered.

But here’s a question: why choose MEAP over Nuendo’s built in batch export?

MEAP can do a lot that Nuendo can’t do. A few important ones for me:

Exports MIDI tracks automatically (since it bounces one track at a time)

Exports tracks with send effects (since the track is soloed when exported). (To do this in Nuendo, you’d have to route all of your effects to the respective group and export that group, which takes more setup time.)

Exports regions or pieces of audio/midi instead of an entire range. (Nuendo can do this to an extent, but you have to set up markers).