Bounce at 9% cpu

Can i set the bounce (project mixdown) at faster pace?

My CPU chugs at 9% (really fast computer) and I suppose there would be more power somewhere.

And no, I have not set the export to realtime.

When I first came across this post, I thought: this will be interesting, so I will follow it up. I can’t believe nobody has left any comments here yet. So I will repeat the question: Is there a way to speed up offline mix down?

I have always wondered why my fast enough MacPro is so slow when I do an offline mix down. Nuendo, Cubase, Logic, tried them all. I have a feeling there is no way to speed up the process for some technical reason which I would very much like to know.

Any enlightenment will be much appreciated.

Are you using any DSP cards?
Are you using lot’s of VI’s and 3rd party plugins.

I have noticed in Logic and Cubase if I have only one VI and 1 plugin on one track then the rendering is almost instant and it slows down as I add more of everything, however this slowing down is not related to CPU load as you mention.

I imagine there is a lot of “hand shaking” and checksum stuff going on so that the render does not contain errors.

Use the time to do some deep breathing or a little Yoga :slight_smile:

Hey thanks to both of you.

Yes, i use UAD externally, i suppose that could be a part. Hand-shaking makes sense.
Any feedback from Steinberg on this would be simply awesome


jBridge also slows down bouncing

Definitely. You may be in the situation where your UAD is the bottleneck of the performance. Try disabling all UAD plug-ins.

Agreed, UAD is the bottleneck, I find the same.

But I’ve never taken time to see if realtime is different to offline with UAD, so I couldn’t say whether Cubase tries to use them in a different way during offline like it does with native plugins.

I would say though that when I’m using UAD to 95% or so then it takes as long as real-time even though Cubase is registering say 40% processing used, which seems fair enough cause the UAD is doing all the work and it can’t do any more.


Thanks for your comments and feedback.

No DSP cards here, but lots of VSTi’s and plugins (including 3rd party) during mix down. As for mastering, I always dismiss everything except for the output inserts and it would go much faster. That’s why I guessed there had to be technical stuff going on between the DAW and its colleagues.

I just wish they were a bit friendlier in their cyber planet so that they wouldn’t have to “shake hands” and “check” each other’s “sums” after weeks of working together day in day out! :slight_smile:

Then again, this doesn’t explain why so little CPU power is used. Am I missing something?