Bounce Audio with empty region

Prior to Cubase 8, I was be able to extend an audio region by penciling an empty region to desired length and bounce them to a longer region. Now in C8 I have to glue them together first , then bounce them.
Does anyone know about a setting or something to get back to the old way of doing this? I tried to setup a macro with a keycommand to do this at no avail.

Thank you

You can use “events to part” and then extend by dragging the right corner. :wink:

Nope… this is not the same. I need a audio event as product, not a part.

Do as Oliver suggests, then “Bounce Selection”… you’ll end up with an audio event that is the length of your extended Audio Part :wink:

(Btw, I, too, preferred the way it used to be in earlier versions :wink: )

OK I get it … thanks