Bounce confusion

I have an old piano recording digitized from tape. As the piano may be not trned well and digitizing from a different tape recorder from the intial recording may have a slightly different speed, it seems in a section to be quite out of tune, betwen pitches. I have been trying to figure out the parts and make midi versions for each hand. Beacuse I knew the left hand bass pitches, I was able to figure out most, but now a section is so dissonant that I feel I need to try to re-pitch the part, I had already marked measure and did a tempot definition and then deleted the points, so that I can change the tempot and it stays with the click track. I want to try different adjustments for the pitch, it it warns that it will undo the vari-autio and I saw how much it altered from the measures and undid. I need to bounce the section to make a new one that will keep the tempo. So I know that all processes are not supposed to permamently affect the audio, and I don’t want to at this point, but I wonder how if a section is replaced as a bounced version, and the project saved, how would I undo or find the original file. I will proably have to try several times to get something that is closer to the desired pitches.

When you choose to bounce a file and replace what is in the project, does it rename it or keep the same name. If the same name, and the project is saved, how would you return to the orginal file m if desired?

Consider whether Track Versions would help. You could “duplicate” to create a new one, work on that audio file, and know you could go back to the previous Track Version with the previous audio file.

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The new bounced file appends the name with a number. Original name will be unchanged.
If you look in the Audio pool you’ll see all the files and can pull any of them back into the timeline.

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This sounds like an excellent idea. But don’t you need to bounce the event on the new version in order to create an independent copy of the event on the first version?

I don’t know for sure. Good suggestion. Can’t hurt.

Knowing it would be renamed was useful. I did the bounce and then tried different amounts of pitch shift till I could find closer matches of the out of tune track and then do tempo definition so I could slow down to figure out which notes to apply to midi,

I reached a new stumbling block in this project. There is a blip where the original tape recording was restarted and part of a previous measure is on the downbeat of the next section. Warped meausres are farther off the downbeat hence. When I try to move a marker so the dowbeats alignm the audio moves, (stretches or shrinks) instead of the measure, so it won’t go there… The warps are tied to their position and moving them moves the audio. I tried deleting all the points, but new ones added behave the same way. Earlier section were tempo defined. I don’t know if this section was and that is the problem or how to undefine without affect the previous parts which I don’t want altered.