Bounce down 4 channels to 1 - now CPU maxed!

I’ve been through this so many times now…

I’ve bounced down 4 x channels and a group channel to 1 and instead of freeing up CPU it is now maxing it out.

I’m so over this. Has anyone ever experienced this?

You would have to give some more info about what is involved in your project and what type of bounce down you are talking about.

2 x stereo audio channels
1 x Halion Sampler > into 1 x group channel

When I delete the:
2 x audio channels
1 x group channel

and keeping the Halion Sampler, I have less CPU than before (and is maxing out).

This is just one small case that i decided to report, but this has happened intermittently over the past year.

Any ideas?


So what type of bounce down are you doing…RIP, bounce selection, export/import??