Bounce files folder in project folder.

I don’t know how this one does not exist yet.
When I do exports, sometimes dozens of versions, the default options is to save the exports within the audio folder with hundreds of sound files.
It will be so much easy to have a default folder to the export files for every new project.
Every audio mixdown will go to the mixdown folder.

very basic

Very useful.

So basically you’re looking for Nuendo automatically creating a folder for exports on the same level as the audio files folder, and then set the export default to that folder - as opposed to doing it manually?

In Pro Tools, you have “bounce files” folder, as part of any new project folders.
One folder for all the exports without making it manually, choosing a path and so on.
In a matter of fact, I never use the default audio folder cause I don’t like to go manually to the folder and pull the mix exports from dozens/hundreds of audio files.

I know how PT works, I’m just saying that what you’re looking for is for Nuendo to do this automatically by default rather than you choosing the path and creating a new folder, manually, correct? I don’ t mind having it as a default, but I don’t really find it takes too much time to do it manually either.

there are tons of stuff that can be handled manually and still, things getting faster and better all the time.
It is one another thing I deal with every new project. One more thing to think about, more clicks.
A very basic request. it is not like a new video engine.

Hello drorh4,
Sounds like you are talking about Export Audio Mixdown, not Bounce Selection? (Nuendo nomenclature is not ProTools’ thank goodness)

If you mean you want a default Export Audio folder it should not be called “bounce files”, please. I call my mix down folder by sample rate and our studio name.

If you mean Bounce Selection: I would prefer an option in Preferences that would enable a System Folder Dialog box to open when we Bounce Files. So we could select or create which system folder we want to bounce to instead of the default Audio Folder. Uncheck the preference and bounce defaults to project audio folder as it always has, no extra clicking. Most often I bounce stems to send to clients or producers. It would be a huge advantage to be able Bounce Selection, have a dialog box open to create a system folder named Producer Name. Then simply send that folder to the producer. Clean and quick.

Nuendo is great,

Look again on what I wrote for god sake. What bounce selection got to do with anything? :smiley:

Jim, you could probably just do a replace-command whatever it’s called. The one that renders new audio for the selected events and puts that on the timeline. That would I presume default to the same pre-defined default export folder.

I’d personally probably not want “bounce” to have a different default to “audio files” given the naming and how it’s used most often (at least by me).