bounce long file with song markers

Is there a way in Nuendo to put together a “mix tape” of many songs and bounce it as one file with markers that an ipod can use to jump to one song to another? Possibly in mp3 format.
Thank you for your help.

You could put a cycle marker around each song then export the songs using “Export Cycle Markers” in the export window. Use the “Naming Scheme” to auto number the songs 01 song name, 02 song name etc. (Put the name of the song in the Cycle Marker name). When you put them on your iPod they will now play in order starting at 01. That’s one way to do it. HTH.

Thanks Wheels for your reply. What the guy wanted was one big file with tags. I ended up bouncing separate mp3s directly from Wavelab, numbered 01, 02 etc like in an iTunes album, put them in one folder and everything works fine.
Don’t know how to do it in one long mp3, probably using stuff like “chapters” from an audio book editor.