Bounce MID but preserve CC data

I have a couple of MIDI clips on a track that I want to bounce together but any CC data I’ve written to an individual clip gets deleted on bounce. Is there a way around that?

Can you specify exactly what you mean by this?

Can’t you just Duplicate the Track and Delete (or not, I’m not clear on your goal) the cc data on it?

It’s all one track with a few midi clips. Basically it’s a series of takes. Some takes have MIDI CC#1 and #7 associated with them. Other takes did not. When I bounce them in to a single clip all the MIDI CC data goes away.

To translate yours into Cubase lingo - a midi clip is called a “MIDI Part”.

I assume you use the function “Bounce MIDI” from the MIDI menu?
Please tell us your Cubase version number and OS, please?

Can you double check this by looking at the Part using the List Editor.