Bounce MIDI File With Tempo Information?

Is there a way to bounce or ‘bake’ the tempo-track automation into a MIDI file? So in other words, I want to bounce the MIDI file down, including the tempo track, so that I can turn off the tempo track and use the MIDI file in other places/ways. (I know that you can export the tempo-track to use in other sessions but that’s not what I’m looking for.)

I’m thinking worst comes to worst I could use the IAC bus (I’m on a Mac) to record the MIDI out into another program and re-import it, but I’m curious if there’s a function that would do this for me. Or maybe a Logical Editor function that I could use?

Hope that’s clear.

Ohhhhhhh… Maybe I figured out a way to do this…

If I have a MIDI track in ‘musical mode’, then I dis-engage ‘musical mode’ before dragging then it should keep it’s tempo-information ‘baked in’, no?

My brain hurts.