Bounce MIDI not working

Hi, I’m using Cubase 10.5. The bounce MIDI function is always greyed out whether selecting MIDI parts on separate tracks or lanes within a track. I’ve tried everything I can to find out why but I’m stumped. Any help much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

You need to have more than one lane of data, ie data on lane one and two of a midi track. Highlight both, then the function should be available. This is different from rendering Midi to audio (In case you didn’t know, sorry if you do, but it’s a common point of confusion) :slight_smile: Bounce MIDI

Thank you, Yes I am selecting multiple lanes and parts. I’ve tried all sort of combinations, i.e. 2 parts 10 parts, parts on different tracks and parts on different lanes in one track but always grayed out

Okay, strange, sorry I can’t help then, works here : /

I think it only works for parts on separate lanes of one track though, not across different tracks.

Bounce midi takes two or more parts on a track and makes them one contiguous part.

Can you do these steps and say what the result is?

  • Create two midi parts on one track
  • Select both
  • Invoke command Bounce MIDI

Curious if this is any different in outcome to just using the Glue function?

A touch more than that I guess…

hehe, yes, realise that, posted that link myself earlier :slight_smile: Was referring to your suggestion (Which i realise was just for troubleshooting purposes) to create two midi parts on one track horizontally, rather than vertically on lanes, If that makes sense? Anyway, no matter, didn’t mean to hijack thread, thanks for the reply. :slight_smile:

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Well I copied parts from different tracks into lanes on a new track and the bounce function works but is still not working when selecting the original parts from different tracks. My understanding is that any MIDI parts selected, anywhere in project, should be able to be bounced!

Nope… just lanes on a track…

OK Many thanks for your help.