Bounce mono audio stem?

I collaborate with other musicians online. To date, the way I’ve bounced a single audio stem is by mixing it down as a solo, but maybe there’s a better way, because anything that comes out of the MIXDOWN function comes out in stereo. It has a subtle, albeit, undesired effect on a mono track. Is there a way to export an audio stem in mono, so as to maintain the integrity of the original mono source? Thanks!

*Apologies if this has been covered, but the search function is global, and isn’t helpful at all when you’re searching for Cubasis specific info. (Same deal with Google, which seems to think Cubasis is a typo for Cubase!)

** aha! this was asked before, but not answered satisfactorily. I asked about it then too.


Mea culpa. I overlooked the FREEZE feature which essentially clones an audio file of whatever’s in the track. Since it works to GLUE analog files together in their original form (mono/stereo), it solves the exporting in mono issue mentioned above. Still learning. Thank you for all the clever well thought out features!

There is no freeze for audio tracks just instruments right?

This issue remains UNRESOLVED. I was too eager to see it work, and didn’t test FREEZE fully. Yes, you can FREEZE, audio too, but any track it freezes will be saved in STEREO, even if the original track is MONO. Appears Cubasis is unable to export any audio tracks in MONO. Maybe I’m just old fashioned but, I prefer to keep MONO tracks MONO when I mix. Why are mono tracks being converted to stereo when bounced of frozen?

Anyway, I see the point of Freeze the way it is since its capturing FX inserts as well, but it would be nice to to be able to export mono instrument stems for sharing and archiving - as is, raw.

Yes, it can work like glue for audio if set it’s to save the clone file when unfrozen. The clone will be a single contiguous file, like bouncing it out and reimporting it via MIXDOWN. (albeit, in stereo…)

We are ending 2016, can’t we bounce mono tracks in mono yet?

Hi all,

The feature request has been added to our backlog.


Is it possible to export mono tracks as mono from Cubasis yet? I’ve recorded drums to a mono channel per mic (4x mics) but all my tracks are coming out as stereo when mixed down and exported even though they’re mono…



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